D.O.B. 11/DEC/1970.
Born in Mie, grew up in Chiba and living in Tokyo.
After he worked in a local chamber of commerce and industry,
U-suke completed a Diploma of Illustration at Northern Melbourne
Institute of TAFE (NMIT), Australia.
Upon graduation, he commenced his career as a free illustrator.
He draws art work for picturebooks,magazines, books, websites, characters for use by companies...Kuroton was one of part of selected illustrator in Bologna children's book fair 2015.U-suke is also a producer of Fab design association in Takushoku university from 2015.


BOOK&DVD(U-suke’s original)


  • Takarazuka Comic contest Gold prize (2000)
  • Dux Prize (Best artist) in Melbourne (2002)
  • "Kuroton" was Selected illustrator in Bologna children’s book fair (2015)
  • "Kuroton" was Selected book by school library asociation in Japan(2016)


  • Newspaper "Leaders" Australia.(2003)
  • Weekly magazine "Shukan Josei".(2007)
  • Daily Newspaper Funabashi Yomiuri 4/7.(2007)
  • Monthly Magazine "+act" Vol.11. (2007)
  • NHK TV program "Asaichi". (2011)
  • Daily Newspaper Asahi 2/21. (2013)
  • Weekly Newspaper Yomiuri interview (2016)
  • J:com News interview in Chiba (2016)
  • Sankei Shimbun(2017)
  • Sanyo Shimbun(2017)
  • The Mainichi (2017)
  • Narashino City Newspapaer(2018)
  • Chiba Nippo Newspaper(2018)
  • The Japan agricultural News(2018)
  • The Mainichi(2019)


  • U-suke Digital Art Gallery in Melbourne (2003)
  • Moley Exhibition in Shinjuku,Tokyo(2005)
  • Launch Party of Chonmage Kacho & Moley in Chiba. (2007)
  • Design Fiesta Vol.27 in Tokyo.(2008)
  • Creator's market Vol.25 in Nagoya. (2011)
  • Bologna Children's book Exhibition in Italy,Tokyo,Hyogo,Aichi,Ishikawa,Taiwan (2015-2016)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Gallery SHIMA in Nishinomiya-city,Hyogo(2015)
  • exhibition"Japanese srungs by100 greators" in Gallry hook in Osaka(2015)
  • U-suke Exhibition at 1st Sugamo-jizodori street in Sugamo,Tokyo(2015)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Gallery Centinial,Osaka(2016)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Gallery KIKI,Chiba(2016)
  • Reading to children at Koganei(2017)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Gallery NEU NEU in Nishinomiya-city,Hyogo(2017)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Yubaraonsen, Okayama(2017)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Nrashino haigh school, Chiba(2017)
  • Reading to children at Yokkaichi library, Mie(2016)
  • Reading to children at Maniwa school,OKayama(2017)
  • Reading to children at Sanyodo book store, Chiba.(2017)
  • Reading to children at Yatsu higata festival,Chiba(2018)
  • Goods for 2018Bologna children's book fair in Yokkaichi Museum.(2018)


  • LTD (2010-)
  • (2009-)
  • And More... Check U-suke's WORKS page.